Saturday, July 3, 2021

Corvette Summer 2021! (SOLD)

Our Corvette's spirit animal

(Apologies to everyone who dithered on this deal. Congrats to Dylan for being a man of action!)
We've owned her for four years, long enough to check off "own a C4 Corvette" from our auto bucket list. Now it's your turn. We bought an Abarth for schlepping four people around so she doesn't get used as much as she should. I'd honestly not hesitate to get in this Corvette and drive across the country. She leaves us in better shape than we acquired her so our investment is your gain, esp. considering this is the lowest price you'll see for a very nice 6-speed convertible now appreciating in value. She's rattle free, drives smooth and the fresh suspension feels both taut and somehow ... comfortable.

Just The Facts, Ma'am:
  • 1990 Corvette with 6-speed manual transmission as the gods intended
  • Convertible for ruining your date's pompadour or bouffant
  • 110,000 miles on the odometer, just enough to correct all the mistakes the factory made
  • Kenwood DDX6904S state-of-the-art headunit & stock Bose speakers
  • Headunit incorporates both a crash dash camera and backup camera
  • Cold air conditioning because we're not savages
  • Cruise control that works and has a user UI that still makes no sense to me
  • At least 50% tread on Cooper 275/40R17 tires
  • New aluminized complete exhaust system and new catalytic converter
  • New KYB Gas-a-Just shocks front & rear, aligned, tires rebalanced
  • New knock sensors, new oil pressure sending unit, new valve cover gaskets
  • Adjustable temperature cooling fans: this car never overheats
  • A great mechanic services this car in St. Pete and conveys with her ...
  • A whole bunch more
  • $8500 or a very, very interesting trade on a Datsun or RX7
Minor Details I Chose To Live With:
  • Tachometer reads 50% too high 
  • Should be driven once a week or left on battery tender. Has battery disconnect switch
  • Brakes work awesome but one rotor is slightly warped thus a minor wiggle at quick stops
  • The price reflects the small demerits on this list 😀
Seminole Heights is a mural neighborhood

The left side (not shown) is also excellent

Dash warning lights lit only when engine is off

Nice cockpit with no overt blemishes

Clean engine bay

Mmmm, glossy paint ...

A surprisingly useful feature. The headunit also runs the dashcam

Cold start!


  1. It's too far for me to go buy it, but your ad made me laugh so much I had to reply. 😅😅😅😅


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