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Kraftwerk's "Biggest" Fans: News Archive

My wife Jennifer manages her bookmarks by using an extraordinarily simple and trouble free process: she never creates bookmarks. This has saved her an immense amount of time and is quite efficient. I on the other hand have leveraged Google Bookmarks (now Chrome bookmarks) since the beginning and have 1000+ categories of bookmarks, some with subcategories. Occasionally the file is corrupted or duplicated and I then need to fix it, never an easy task. I really admire Jennifer, so carefree and unburdened. Despite my attempts at order, I can never seem to find the bookmark I thought I saved and that's especially true regarding our convoluted history as Kraftwerk fans. So here's every bookmark I could find on that subject, categorized and calendared.

This is both our history and justification for nominating Tampa as Düsseldorf's sister city. We've been championing this as a passion project to our friends on City Council here as well as our influential friends in Düsseldorf who are well placed to make this a reality - and we'd love to shepherd the process along. We're convinced Tampa is a good fit, with our vibrant arts and museum scene and more than a few world class breweries that this is an excellent twinning of cities. How many people are so committed to having a twin city that they make a muppet video to support their argument? 

I'll flesh this section out in the coming days with print newspaper scans and more media coverage.

Florida Man Changes Name To Kraftwerk

Rheinische Post: Gestatten, Mein Name Ist Kraftwerk 2016-07-30

Kraftwerk Wedding

Rheinische Post: Fan feiert verrückte Kraftwerk-Hochzeit (Fan celebrates crazy Kraftwerk wedding) 2017-02-03

Creative Loafing Florida Couple Has Full On Kraftwerk Nuptials 2017-01-05

8d Industries: Fun Fun Fun At The Weddingbahn 2017-01-08

Electronic Beats: This Is The Most Kraftwerk Wedding Ever 2017-01-06

World's Biggest Kraftwerk Fans

Rheinische Post: Neun-Stunden-Flug für ein Kraftwerk-Konzert (Nine Hour Flight For a Kraftwerk Concert) 2017-07-02

Westdeutsche Zeitung: Die größten Kraftwerk-Fans kehren zurück (The biggest Kraftwerk fans are returning) 2018-05-18

Düsseldorf Department of Tourism: The Legend of Kraftwerk 2018

Rheinische Post: Eine neue Freundschaft dank Kraftwerk 2018-05-18

Rheinische Post: The Kraftwerk fans enjoy the Côte d'Azur (Die Kraftwerk-Fans Genießen die Côte d'Azur) 2018-05-24

Bringing Florian Schneider's Beetle Home

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Fahr’n, fahr’n, fahr’n and also the Print Version 2022-01-04

Rheinische Post: „Kraftwerk“-Käfer geht nach Florida 2021-12-07

Rheinische Post: Dieser Käfer ist ein Kraftwerk 2021-12-08

Rheinische Post: Mit dem Kraftwerk-Käfer durch Düsseldorf 2021-12-10

Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance: 2023 Amelia Concours Brochure pg 26 2023-03

Hot VWs Magazine Rare Käfer and also The Print Version 2023-06

Our Kraftwerk Creations

Jennifer's Story About Our First Düsseldorf Adventure

Jennifer's Video Tour Of Düsseldorf Documentary June-July 2017

Our Kraftwerk Sky-Dancer Video